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Tien Wei / Hsiao Lu Publishing Company

Tien Wei / Hsiao Lu Publishing Company established in1986, and just celebrated its 30th an...


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Let’s Go to the Tortoise Country 到烏龜國去

A picture book that highlights the differences of time and culture

Adventure at Night 探黑

2015 The Macmillan Prize

Bicycle 一起來騎腳踏車!

The story with a mother and her son riding around the city brings out the multiple aspects...

I Don’t Want to Play with You Anymore 我不要跟你玩了!

The Big Furry Bear is five-years old, now he needs to learn how to “play” with his friends...

About Our Logo

Our name "Hsiao Lu" derived from a paragraph in the famous Chinese classic Mencius, "When ...

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Big Holes, Small Holes 大洞洞 小洞洞

Why is there a hole on the ground? It turns out to be the home of a lot of animals, includ...

Above the Pond, Under the Pond 池上池下

As spring fades away, summer arrives, autumn gone and winter comes, the common change of d...

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