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Tien Wei / Hsiao Lu Publishing Company

Tien Wei /
Hsiao Lu Publishing Company was established in1986, and just celebrated its 30th anniversary. Under the concept of "promoting talent through reading, and achieving wisdom through history", the company initially published a series of historical books and books devoted to children's literature from around the world. It has gradually extended its reach to the publication of high quality children's or young adult literatur in general. Tien Wei / Hsiao Lu has a solid reputation among its readership, including parents, teachers and children alike. In recent years, the company has sponsored a wide range of reading activities, such as reading clubs, speeches, and study camps, to promote the concept of "interaction between society and good books" and to put it into practice.


About us

Established in 1986, Hsiao Lu is a publisher dedicated to introducing the work of innovative international authors and artists to children. Our name, "Hsiao Lu", is derived from a paragraph in the famous Chinese classic Mencius: "When Confucius climbed the eastern hill, Lu (State) was small to him. When he climbed Mount Tai, the world was small to him."

Like the mountains Confucius climbed, we want to be the small hill that helps children rise higher, broaden their horizons, and get a bigger picture of the world.

We intend to…
· Publish books that stimulate children's interest in reading
· Act as a starting point for children to read literature
· Provide teaching support materials for literature
· Release Audio CDs, DVDs, and other materials on the Internet
Our Book Projects are…
· Developing children's interest in literature, history, and geography
· Arousing children's interest in reading
· Introducing children's literature around the world
· Publishing more works by writers at home
We are going to…
· Have a "Picture Book Time", introducing more picture books to the public
· Publishing more good reads that stimulate children and their parents
· Encouraging the appreciation and production of literature
· Include multimedia products, Audio CDs, DVDs, and other materials on the Internet and so on


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