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The Stone Mother 石頭媽媽

Four boys live alone in the mountains. When their wish for a mother comes true in the form...

Grandma’s Lantern Tree 阿婆的燈籠樹

This picture book features the landscape and traditional culture of Taiwan with warm, wood...

Finding Colors 尋找顏色

A first-time cultural exchange picture book in collaboration with "the Home of the Picture...

Grandpaʼs Glass Shop 爺爺的玻璃店

As the traditional industry of glass making declines, the narratorʼs grandfather, who has ...

A Tour of Hong Kong 香港遊

A Tour of Hong Kong features the remarkable cityscapes and the modern life of Hong Kong, o...

Big Holes, Small Holes 大洞洞 小洞洞

Why is there a hole on the ground? It turns out to be the home of a lot of animals, includ...

Above the Pond, Under the Pond 池上池下

As spring fades away, summer arrives, autumn gone and winter comes, the common change of d...

Who Needs a King? 誰需要國王呢?

To Probe into the True Value of Self Discipline and Democracy

Let’s Go to the Tortoise Country 到烏龜國去

A picture book that transcends cultural differences

Adventure at Night 探黑

Winner of the 2015 MacMillan Prize (England)

共 32 筆,第 1-10 筆

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